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Clothing, catered for every occasion.

OSL have been pioneers in branding and promotional clothing for over 15 years.
Over this period we have developed a unique approach to crafting bespoke clothing for a diverse range of clientele.

We offer a personalised and professional experience for every customer, working with them to realise and recreate their vision from start to finish.

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We offer a wide arrange of durable, high performance workwear that meet the every day needs.
Our extensive catalogue has a variety of high visibility clothing including vests, soft shell jackets, bombers, overalls and hats.
We also provide heavy polos and hoodies, to keep your company looking fresh and presentable.


With our experienced design team we are able to cater to your brands requirements and ensure a modern and stylish approach.

We provide high quality garments that include; T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps and much more. Perfect for any company looking to expand their branding, or promote their business.


Our specialist experience opens the door to a wide arrange of unique supporting items that advertise and promote your company.

Such promotional items include, umbrellas, bags, formal shirts, ties and more corporate wear to solidify your organisations image.


We offer a wide range of eco friendly products that take the ethical and social impacts into consideration.

Items range from 100% organic cotton T-shirts and hoodies, recycled polyester based garments and even reusable tote bags.


Hard wearing and high standard.

We use state-of-the-art embroidery machines to create unique and detailed artwork that provide a one of a kind result that is incomparable to other styles of promotion.
By having your designs physically woven into the garments it insures a long lasting finish as well as a durable quality.


For complex and large designs.

Here at OSL we use a variety of methods to apply prints to clothing, these range from cad design vinyl for simpler one or two colour designs to screen print transfers for more intricate or complex designs.
One advantage print has over embroidery is while not as durable, the result is crisper and able to be more complex.